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Chris Terry is officially a douchebag,Will a true trader join iMarketsLive (IML)?

Christopher Terry is 48 years old and he is also known as master is also the owner of insider trading. Net worth of christopher Terry is $million,these are the stats from may I originally discovered his scam in early and proceeded to give his financial bacteria the proper exposure it desperately needed. After fielding many complaints from victims and All this is super standard "failed trader turned marketing pro selling dreams" stuff, there are dozens of those idiots. But while Terry's a crook, he's a slightly more intelligent one. He Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam? Founder, Christopher Terry, Rebranded iMarketslive With New Name. IBOs Spend $ To $ For Starter Packs. Learn More Here Newcomers to iMarketsLive are told Terry has made $85 million, according to consumer complaints filed with the FTC. His pitch in the YouTube interview is that any other working ... read more

The only way that you can make money from imarketslive is to recruit other into this. They do not have physical products to offer. I have recently reviewed mlm company called fx trading corp which was absolutely like imarketslive. Many companies all over the world warned them and here are the screenshot. FSMA in belgium issued a warning.. AMF In france issued a warning against them and here is the screenshot. FCA in UK warned them also. And finally SAC in USA warned them. I am not saying that imarketslive is a scam,but I personally want to promote something which I think will give my customers transictions.

Transiction can be financial freedom,quiting 9 to 5 or maybe learning some solid skill to build an online business. I do not push ponzi,pyramid schemes or mlms to my readers.

Instead I recommend them something that will help them building solid online business,following a proven 3 step formula. The only way that you are going to make money from imarketslive is to recruit others into this mlm.

Most of the people when hear about mlm companies,without a second thought they connects it with scam or pyramid schemes. Well,with imarketslive,you are going nowhere. Yes,you can make few dollars here and there but it is not a long term business model. Morever,I am not fond of mlms. In this business,you have to generate leads for business owners,and when they make money,you will also make money. Your comments make no sense — No,I will not say Imarketslive a scam,niether I can say that it is not a scam.

Your spelling and grammar are extremely poor. How do you expect anyone to take your review seriously? His quote that you commented on means he thinks that the services that the company supplies is not a scam, though he does believe that the company is a scam in ways that the company make money on selling you a big bag of promises and not anything physical.

Oh and you forgot quotation marks around his quote Ms. Grammar 😹. It takes a lot of selling skills to do it, and most of is are not salesman. The problem with most, especially this day in age, everyone wants instant gratification. The failures are complaining.

Happens in anything. Now, to IML. Is it different than most MLMs? Matter of fact, if you put in as much education as most people do 4 yrs college , I can almost guarantee your financial freedom. Problem is, like I said before, most want instant gratification, so they are not willing to put in the time. Trading is a SKILL! Mr Proctor is even an educator of IM the actual company name. IM even has an educational platform to help you start your own company via e-commerce.

The teach you how to create a portfolio, or trade crypto currencies, as well as trade binary options. Where on earth can you find something like that? Like I said, if you put in as much time, homework, and attendance of live education, I can almost guarantee your financial success. The MLM payments are just gravy. Compound your money, and their is no limits. A skill that needs to be learned.

yesssssss i rread this review before joining and you can tell its from someone who didnt try it or wanted fast money. Thanks for your great article on iMarketslive. I have seen a lot of complaints about this company and have done a little investigating on my own and I have come to the same conclusion as you.

The company is more interested in the person recruiting others into the program rather than obtaining the Forex trading education. That is what most MLMs are interested in anyways. Much appreciated, Madison Lincoln. the platform is there, the educators have their sessions, recruiting its an extra that comes with the education. All MLMs are Ponzi Schemes or Pyramid Schemes!! The only winners are the early entrants who recruit new members but gradually the schemes implode on themselves.

MLMs are only for losers, as thats what will happen to the fees you are asked to spend once involved in these get rich schemes. If you are a real friend do not encourage you and yours to get involved with these shysters!! No,not all mlms are pyramid schemes. Some mlms are just mlms and pyramid and ponzi scheme thing is completely different from them as I explained it in this review.

Is basically a college that teaches you how to trade. The MLM has nothing to do with it. Put in the time to learn, and your guaranteed to make money.

Yes, guaranteed! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don't waste your time and money in mlms and crappy online courses. I know failing and wasting time and money is part of the process to become successful.

But what IF you don't have to go through this pain? Checkout my 1 recommendation to make passive income online. Christopher Terry is the man behind this product. The experts have more than 20 years of experience in this field. I wish everyone who read this page good luck in seeing the truth, you most certainly succeeded in creating doubt in the heads of people who have no experience in business. Well done SOFF…. The reason why I qualify IM Mastery Academy as an MLM company is due to their compensation plan where, depending on your recruitment, you will be ranked.

In other words, the more recruitment you have, the higher your rank will be. In my sense, this is a multi-level concept. Simply, I think that for anyone looking to make money it is a good idea to stay open-minded and see all the opportunities you can have. Trading is definitely not a game. This is one of the reasons I recommended one of the books I read about trading which I think can be very good for a trader to read that. Babypips is a website where you can learn the basics for free.

If this person is still interested, definitely it would be better to buy a course to learn the technics and everything that goes with it. Trading is not for everyone and must be taken seriously.

In fairness to IML, they do have a complete education in your back office, and they have weekly live training to back this up. So you wonder how much Trading he really knew. Go on You Tube and look him up. Whatever you call it, MLM or affiliate, the idea of this Company is that you learn to trade, and use the Trading Tools to make money. All that would be good if the tools worked; they did not. They were selling these tools to us for years and it boiled down to one tool, the Harmonic Scanner which has a degree of success.

The introduced many many Traders for Fusion which all failed. When IML discontinued Fusion, all those trades lost. The IML Model is good, but the tools failed and owners and Executive of the Company would not be reached, and if Customer Serive passed on the complaints, they did nothing about it. Had the Trading Tools worked, it would have been great, becuase the prediction was to make money from Trading using the Tools you paid for, and recruit others to duplicate what you did.

The MLM or affiliate Commissions are very aggressive, and you will make lots of money from that which you are encouraged to invest into trading.

However because the Tools failed, the enitre programme is considered a failure to the greater extent. I say that because there is some degree of success with the Harmoic Scanner once you invest the time to learn it well. As in all MLM programmes, you as members are NEVER allowed to discuss failures of the programme, so you sit in the weekly meetings listening to the hype and the recruitment with no venue to discuss the failures or weakness in the programme.

Total waste of money. Well said Ohanian, I totally agree with your comment. I think if all academic institutions gives students opportunities to refer people for commissions it will go a long way to help poor but needy students sustain their lives on campus. This idea from Christopher Terry has really helped a lot of people working for people and get paid scanty amounts of money all in the name of living a decent life.

The IM Mastery academy gives financial freedom to individuals and its waiving away selfishness. This is a Company that was built on broken promises and bad results.

FX Signals is a tool that offered Handsfree Trading which although they stopped Trading, was still being advertised and you were still being billed. It seems they just found a bunch of people who said they could Trade and just unleashed them on the Membership; because they all resulted in losses — ALL. Then there was Swipe Trades which is a signal outlining the key numbers in a Trade that you copy and paste to your MT4 Account.

Many of the leaders developed their own trading skills and sometimes they said they incorporated it in their analysis. The nightmare goes on.

What I found extremely disheartening is that when there were serious concerns especially with the trend in losses of the Fusion and Swipe Trades, none of the Upper Management was reachable because they were shielded by the Customer Service people, and the highest you could go to the top was the CS Supervisor. Hi Joe, I take in great consideration what you are saying.

Plus, if the only product that makes sense is not user-friendly then how is it even interesting. Hey there Joe, I attended their conference today 15 jan 20 Birmingham, UK. I just knew it, something wasnt right. Anyway, any chance I can see that harmonic scanner? Thanks a lot. La parte de recomendar va evocado más para las personas que no tienen algún capital para empezar a comerciar.

Los profesores que tengo son muy buenos, y no lo digo yo, pueden entrar a la página a nivel mundial de trading tradingview y veanlo por sus propios ojos. Muchas personas se dejan llevar por este tipo de blog o comentarios de gente que ni siquiera ha estado adentro.

Dime, es coherente que yo te diga que bueno un auto de marca Ferrari bueno si es malo en algunas cosas, cuando ni siquiera he tenido uno?. Pregúntenle a cualquier profesional de marketing si lo que hacen es ético. Saben que al hablar mal de IM , al contrario le hacen más publicidad?. Tienes no solo que tener la teoría básica intermedia y avanzada, sino también tener la mentalidad, saber que esto no es un casino.

La otra mitad hace ambas, y a veces los que solamente comercian, se terminan haciendo publicidad indirecta con sus resultados. Es muy cierto que existe personas que entran a la academia pensando que con la inscripción ya van a ganar dinero, estas personas muchas veces nunca le dieron clic a una clase, nunca se conectaron a una clase en vivo. Lo que me encanta es que puedes ganar si siquiera saber mucho de trading, ya que puedes empezar a copiando al inicio y encima ganas. Hablaría Miles de cosas sobre IM, pero la verdad ustedes tienen que vivirlo por dentro, es una experiencia inolvidable.

Todo persona que quiere ser Trader profesional necesita desarrollar una mentalidad superior a la de una persona normal, que mira tv todos los días que piensa negativamente, etc. Me encanta que la academia desarrolle talleres presenciales de trading y de liderazgo, es lo mejor , lo que te ayuda a qué te empieces a educar en este mundo de las inversiones y el emprendimiento.

Te hablo como alumno de esta gran academia, no quiero convencerte absolutamente de nada, solo informarte que mientras hay demasiados haters que hablan y hablan, hay personas adentro que con operaciones, con maratones de trading se andan forrando en dinero. Aléjate un poquito del internet antes de averiguar ciertos datos, acuérdate que antes de toda la revolución informática existían los libros.

Muchos al inicio no creían , y cuando entraron cambiaron sus vidas, si es que tenían capital solo son alumnos y algunos ya apunto de ser Master Traders. Otros entraron y a las justas tenías para la inscripción, actualmente tienen buenos rangos por el marketing y también multiplican ese dinero en los mercados financieros.

IM es un vehículo creado para todos, solo depende de la persona que entre, si realmente quieres progresar y cambiar al menos entrarás a las clases aprenderás y ganarás y sino tiene capital al inicio pues promocionará y luego entrará con capital a los mercados financieros. Pdt: varios de los profesores top Traders que figuran en el ranking se formaron en esta academia. Saludos amigos, espero les haya servido mi comentario y no se dejen guiar por todo lo que ven en internet.

Estoy muy feliz de que un miembro de IM me dé su opinión sobre la compañía. De hecho, me dio la idea que estaba buscando ya que estoy interesado en el comercio. Sin embargo, lo que me molesta es el precio que cobran mensualmente. Me resulta costoso para un novato como yo y no puedo decir si realmente valdrá la pena, ya que todos los que hablan de esta compañía son solo redes y realmente no hablan de los productos.

Dado que mi primer objetivo era desarrollar una forma de ganar dinero, esta es la razón por la que fui con el marketing de afiliación. Definitivamente es más seguro y menos costoso. Los bloggers son personas que comparten opiniones e intentan ayudar a las personas a ver cosas que tal vez no vieron. No estamos allí para dar el camino absoluto. No somos perfectos Estamos allí para ayudar a las personas con nuestras opiniones.

Aún así, no somos nosotros los que tomamos la decisión final, los lectores lo hacen y son libres de hacer lo que quieran. Hi, Audrey Thanks for writing an review on IML. Actually, one of the member from IML contacts me recently, and tried her best to persuade me. And she speaks like investing is an easy thing, and once I start it, I can retire in one year,kind of like this kind of bull shit.

I kelp skeptical and tried to search comment about this platform on the internet. Hi Reynold! The more time goes by, the more I feel this company is there for its MLM business model, and not for its courses. If you want a real good course for trading and not the network marketing part, take a look at FalconFX. They are fantastic. I have a review coming soon on this company, stay tune! Definitely IM Mastery is real, I just want to inform people about it so that they can make the right decision for them.

I really appreciate this information. For a new beginner in forest trade, which of the platform would you recommend for learning how to trade. At the moment, the platform I have the best reviews is Forex Mentor Pro. You can read my review here. From the company only offering Network Marketing, to the tools being repetitive..

As a part of IM Mastery Academy, I can say that the platform which is very affordable offers 1. an Academy with videos explaining all different aspects of the forex market, 2. Tools and strategies that are different in many ways, even if very slightly similar to another strategy, simply because not everyone can use the same strategy to analyze the market.

Go Live sessions with Educators from all over the world, speaking different languages, making time everyday various times for the day in some cases so they can teach students how to trade and also give them trade ideas so students can earn while they learn. I know people personally who have left their jobs after being a part of this organization for less than 5 months, because they were able to make their monthly salaries and more with Trading as well as Network Marketing.

It takes a certain level of discipline, patience, and yes.. There are people who can 10x their trading account in less than a month, and then there are people who take a couple months to do the same.

Just my honest review and also, I personally felt irritated listening to the guy in the video so I had to post my review. Hi Collette, thank you for sharing your opinion. I agree with you in most of your arguments, but one of the things I find less interesting for beginners like me or anyone else is the price even if you see it as affordable. Price is always relative. However, maybe giving a free trial so that people can put their toes in and see what it looks like, it would be more interesting.

Talking for myself, I always feel more confident when the company offers a free trial so that I can see if it fits me. For sure, maybe it would mean fewer people joining but there would probably be fewer people quitting too. I admit that people should not only base their opinion on one experience from someone else.

The best experience you can have is by testing it by yourself, and it brings me back to my last point with a free trial. Trading is definitely not made for everyone and it asks a LOT of work and dedication. Some were positive, some were negative, just like with anything else. Not everything can be good or bad.

The only thing I find sad about them is that without becoming a member it is hard to position myself and really know what is waiting for me inside the company. There are fees to send your kid to preschool up until college.

Such as the focus is about MLM which I can respect but personally not there for. However, I believe a structured learning plan is worth the cost vs. I totally agree that a good education is not free. But it is hard nowadays to define a good education with everything available and a lot of scammers. I personally found a company that I trust a lot more than IML and I feel I have a better value of education for what I pay.

Hi Audrey. Thank you for the review, 1. how can someone trade on forex and avoid loses anytime and make fast money? Which of the platform you know people have use to trade on forex and pay faster without loses and the owner is a successful trader and can be easy to access anytime online? Which of these two platform is the best to trade on FalconFX or wealthy affiliate? JUST KNOW CHAIRMAN IS DONE, IM BEING SELFLESS FROM NOW ON, IM NOT HOLDING BACK ANYMORE, I TRULY CARE ABOUT HELPING OTHERS WIN, THIS IS A 5 STAR BUSINESS WERE TALKING ABOUT, I KNOW MY WORTH AND THE VALUE I HAVE TO OFFER!

IM HERE TO PROVE ALL OF YOU RIGHT AND WRONG. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. RESULTS BASED BUSINESS! It works for me , I have no complaints and I actually put in the work and help my team. God bless all of you! Unfortunately, most of the people I know who where with IM Mastery Academy finally left because it was not for them.

But if it works for you, it is wonderful. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you want to learn how to trade Forex? But I'll let you tell by yourself Skip to content. by Audrey. on December 1, According to IM Mastery Academy, it has never been so easy to become a trader in with all the tools and training they provide. Still, trading stays a tough job and not meant for everyone.

Only the ones with a compelling mind will be able to succeed as a trader. Now, after some more research on the web about this company, SOFF is asking one question: Is IM Mastery Academy a Scam? Since iMarketsLive has been reviewed in the past, in this review, I want to highlight the new features of this company and some other information that could help us tell if IM Mastery Academy is a scam.

General Information Name: IM Mastery Academy Founder: Christopher Terry Website: www. But hey, some people make money with it… Do I recommend something else? Learn More About Guerrilla Trading — My 1 Recommendation. What IM Mastery Academy Has To Offer Since iMarketsLive has only changed its branding name to IM Mastery Academy , many tools offered are still there, and a couple more were added. IM Mastery Academy Business Model Their business model did not change with their new branding name.

Pros : Many tools to learn how to trade Many professional traders to teach you through live webinars how to trade Team building Weekly residual income with the compensation plan Cons : Expensive for a beginner MLM business model Many tools seem to offer the same thing, be aware of that to not pay in double. Is IM Mastery Academy a Scam? Now the big question: is it a scam?

Are You Really Interested in Becoming a Forex Trader? If you have any comments, experiences or questions, feel free to leave them below! Forex Reviews. No Tag. Post navigation Previous post The 9 Best Forex Trading Tools — Becoming a Good Trader. Post navigation Next post Is Norwex a Pyramid Scheme — A Complete Review. Regards, Joonas.

They changed their branding name during the last convention that happened in Dallas on the weekend of September th, By the same time, they decided to add new features in their trading program. Name: IM Mastery Academy Founder: Christopher Terry Website: www. Do I recommend IM Mastery Academy? This company is mostly network marketing so beware of that if what you want is trading.

But hey, some people make money with it…. Do I recommend something else? Yes, definitely. What I highly recommend is… Guerrilla Trading. I need to know that it is safe and where it comes from. He has a bad reputation on the web, and I thought that exploring on him would be maybe an answer to say if IM Mastery Academy is a scam.

After doing some research, I was surprised to see that there is not much information about him, not even a Wikipedia page! And we know how it is not long before a wiki page appears on something when it comes out. Still, I continued searching, and I found a website dedicated to him: whoischristerry. It took him three years before making enough money to quit his company and work full-time as a trader; he had mastered his skills to become a professional trader.

Until now, it all makes sense. If this information is legitimate, after being into Forex for a couple of years, he decided to teach what he had learned to others. He started in to speak at conferences and for small private groups that were interested in learning to trade.

My answer is: to make more money? But why, MLM? Maybe to make even more money? I think it is a cool thing from the founder to be active in the company and show he cares. What bugs me is the MLM thing, but I think I can overcome this with the experience and knowledge this person has.

Since iMarketsLive has only changed its branding name to IM Mastery Academy , many tools offered are still there, and a couple more were added. In this present review, I will take a look at the new tools provided.

If you are interested in knowing more about what already existed before in more detail, you can take a look at my review about iMarketsLive where I describe them. Another one is called Steady. All these tools are exciting, but it seems like a couple tools feel redundant. If you have experience these tools, please feel free to leave me a comment at the end of this review. Their business model did not change with their new branding name. It stays an MLM company with a product to offer: a trading school.

You will only be rewarded through their compensation plan if you do. Does that make IM Mastery Academy a scam?

They are one of the only company paying weekly. As an MLM company, we could be tempted to define it as a scam immediately, but I would not go on too fast with this conclusion. The reason is simple; they have legit selling products which are the trading courses.

Their first goal is to sell these courses so if you are interested in knowing more about trading, you can subscribe as a customer and buy their trading tools and courses to become a trader. Another thing you can do is to read Trading in the Zone from Mark Douglas. Amazing book, I loved it! Again, it is not the ONLY tool you need to become a good trader but it is one of them.

The more you know, the more you can become a unique trader. If you are, it is not IM Mastery Academy that you need, but Guerrilla Trading. Guerrilla Trading is a Forex trading school with two simple strategies.

It offers the services you need to become successful. Did you appreciate this review? If you liked it, make sure to help me make this website even better.

Every donation is appreciated, thank you so much! Thanks for a very thorough review of IM Master Academy. I hope that anyone planning to join them would read this first. I think it is not a good place to put your money because MLM business model is often means that you end up spending more money than you earn.

I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option. Glad you appreciated my review. You hit a good point, with MLM companies it can be very long or even impossible to see your money back. Wealthy Affiliate gives you a different opportunity that goes with your own rhythm and help you discover all the secrets of online marketing.

Possibilities to make money are infinite! Im in mastery academy. The academy is a really great tool to teach you how to trade. A lot of people get stuck on the MLM topic , but thats just a Good benefit it has to offer. No other company is going to pay you residual income just for reffering someone with the opportunity the people you bring in do not pay you nothing.

This Company is For those who are willing to change thier families lives , future business owners and those looking for freedom. Theres no company out there teaching you how to trade and on the other hand Paying you residual income just for sharing the info.

I do not agree with you. And it is not true that IM Mastery is the only company offering a trading education and a residual income. I know other companies such as Guerrilla Trading and Forex Mentor Pro that do so and instead of offering a MLM business model, they offer an affiliate program which is far more better.

Plus, they offer a real good strategy proven to give results and unique features such as communities and vMeetings. They also teach on the psychological aspect of trading which is probably more important than trading itself. IM Mastery is damn expensive for what they give and it is an MLM model, I would ask myself some questions.

I had never heard of this man or his company. It was a fascinating read, anyway. It makes me wonder why someone so successful would be so difficult to find? Thank you for sharing this! I must say that I think the MLM model, has proven to people times without number, that this model has become obsolete, I mean traders are not supposed to charge students a pre-determined amount and then have upsells in their trading program, what Christopher is doing is completely unethical….

However, it seems Christopher reshaped this aspect of trading a bit, by offering a lot of tools, some of which like you said perform the same function, just so he can get to add more upsells to his funnel, then brand it with a new name a classic scammer move! this technique never gets tired because it seems to work so well…which is quite sad!

People let themselves be softened by the bigger public personality without truly knowing where they come from and what their purpose is. Thanks for the info. They are scammers. Thank you for honest review. I am tempted by this IM mastery and they keep focusing on MLM in other words bring people in.

I am focused on forex itself. Is their software good? How much do we pay? To do forex we need computer internet software and coach. We need forex account. Where does IM mastery come in? Watching many videos really does not Help. Thanks again Singh Ps. I been scammed by investments by other programs like ACN and Saivian. Although, I have friends who are currently working with IM Mastery Academy, and they really like their tools and software.

MetaTrader and coaches. IM Mastery comes in to give you tools and support through your learning journey so that you can become a professional trader. As you have read in my review, there are many tools that you can use to help you understand how the market moves so that you make the right decisions. Definitely, only watching videos might not be the best solution, but it can surely be used as a complement for your learning.

In IM Mastery Academy, you will find many live webinars and recorded videos made by professional traders, this can truly be helpful. Other than that, if you are only looking for their products, it might be interesting for you to try it for one month and see if you like it. Oh and, come back here to let me know how you like it if you try it 🙂. As a member of IM I can provide a real review. It is not a pyramid scheme or just an MLM.

I do not partake in that side of the business.

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Does that make IM Mastery Academy a scam? No. They did not change their compensation plan so if you didn’t know, with three referrals under you earn $/month, with 12 you earn Terry said he got his start with Amway, but he didn’t actually make any money Shocker, very few people do. Anyway, he said it gave him the “Mindset Of Wealth”. Translation: The guys at The MLM world is full of people hawking everything from anti-aging potions and scented christopher terry scam to diet shakes and leggings in a business structure that is often It was founded by Christopher Terry in Christopher Terry used to work as a trader and educator on stock markets, futures and forex for nearly 2 decades. His ambition was to All I found was this article which claims that he has been featured in some derivative trading magazine without any proof to back up the claim. There was also a complaint about Chris All this is super standard "failed trader turned marketing pro selling dreams" stuff, there are dozens of those idiots. But while Terry's a crook, he's a slightly more intelligent one. He ... read more

You will only be rewarded through their compensation plan if you do. It works for me , I have no complaints and I actually put in the work and help my team. Not everything can be good or bad. Price is always relative. Lo que me encanta es que puedes ganar si siquiera saber mucho de trading, ya que puedes empezar a copiando al inicio y encima ganas.

Thank you for sharing this information with us. The only thing I find sad about them is that without becoming a member it is hard to position myself and really know what is waiting for me inside the company. Thursday, christopher terry scam, July 14, Christopher terry scam. I hope that anyone planning to join them would read this first. Many people file frivolous lawsuits just to counter a narrative to a public audience. The difference that sets eToro apart from iMarketsLive is the publicly disclosed track record of each of the traders in eToro, you can easily filter the good traders from the christopher terry scam ones.